Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


By visiting the C4 Contexture website, downloading content from the website, registering for newsletters and events, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

Rights to information on the site

All information on the C4 Contexture’s website is published for information purposes. The information concerns our product or services we provide, contacts, blog posts and news. All information on the site such as text, graphics, video, logos, icons and code is protected by copyright law. Images (and other such intangible items) is C4 Contextures or third party property. It is not permitted to use material from the website for personal and non-commercial purposes. Any other use or modification of the content on the site must be approved in writing from C4 Contexture.

Warranty and responsibility

C4 Contexture attempts to provide reliable information on the site, but we can not guarantee it is free from errors, mistakes and / or lack of information, viruses and the like. C4 Contexture has the right to change / update information at any time. All use of the information provided by us is at your own risk.


On our site, we share links to third party providers. C4 Contexture can not take responsibility for the content of the linked pages because they are beyond our control. On the other hand, we are responsible for content on the links to systems we handle such as our marketing platform and support system. In order to create a link to C4 Contexture, we must approve the link in writing. Adding C4 Contexture’s Website to an iFrame or the like is not allowed.

Personal data

C4 Contexture may need to retrieve certain personal information on the site and our marketing platform, such as name, phone number, company or email address. We need to save the personal data in order to send out relevant information that you have chosen to be part of such as news or event updates. We could also need to link you to a C4 Contexture representative who can contact you or give you more information. Personal information to the C4 Contexture representative is sent by mail, our CRM or MA system. Such information may be copied, used and stored by the current C4 Contexture representative in accordance with the Personal Data Act, but will not be disclosed to third parties. You have the right to access and correct the data pertaining you, please contact info@c4contexture.com.


On the C4 Contexture website and marketing platform, “cookies” can be used to track visitors’ usage patterns. A cookie is a small piece of information stored on your computer to verify who you are. You can choose to decline cookies by setting your browser to your preferences.

Marketing Automation and Electronic Marketing

We may use your email address to send you instant mail after you voluntarily entered your details, for example via a contact form. You can opt out from email campaigns using the subscription feature available in all emails sent by C4 Contexture.

Web analytics

C4 Contexture uses third party services, such as Google Analytics, to track traffic on the site. This means that we collect cookies about your use of the site (including your IP address) which is stored by the third party provider.

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact info@c4contexture.com.