An expert in information logistics builds bridges between technicians and users and creates contact among islands of information. Information logistics is much more than just knowing how IT systems work. It is technical knowledge combined with a comprehensive approach to the company’s operations.

According to the thesaurus, synonyms for the word “expert” include professional, specialist, authority, consultant, connoisseur, pundit, ace, shark, star, king, pro, and whiz … reflect on which synonym best suits our experts the next time you meet one:

  • Operations consultants, business developers and sellers
    • Who are experts in our clients’ industries, operations, marketing and sales processes and in the challenges facing the IT Department.
  • Project managers
    • Who are experts in managing and delivering projects with participants from our company, our customers and partners according to plan and expectations.
  • Product developers
    • With a high level of expertise in PIM, MDM, ECM and DAM and the ability to develop the best product and the best integration products.
  • Integration consultants
    • With extensive expertise in building and integrating solutions with the right combination of standard/customization and maximum business impact.


Some of our other expert roles are:

Product manager, CM, solution manager, technical writer, developer, usability expert, tester, presale, partner in charge, seller, IT architect, integration consultant, support specialist and team leader.