We need smart, engaging and talented people! Become a part of our team and get a creative environment in which to grow, where you can work with the very best in information logistics and product development.

About C4 Contexture

C4 Contexture has been a product and consulting business area for many years within UDK (Umeå Datakonsulter AB). In January 2016 C4 Contexture AB was formed, and we have been growing and progressing steadily. The four Cs to which C4 refers are Competence, Challenge, Candor and Collaboration: We are competent, we challenge, we are candid and we collaborate. These words are values that we strive for in our work with each other and together with customers and partners.

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Working at C4

It should be fun to work at C4 Contexture. Our employees should feel pride, participation and enjoyment. For us, personal development is important.

Our number one priority is for our colleagues to feel good since our employees are our very best assets. Preventive health care is encouraged, and we are doing our best to create the best possible work situation—such as working to find a work-family life balance or opportunities to work elsewhere than in our office.

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Share ownership

As an employee of C4 Contexture AB you get the offer after your first year as an employee to become a shareholder in C4 Contexture and the sister company UDK. We see great advantages to being a shareholder, the feeling of belonging and participation, a greater commitment. If you want to get more involved and influence the management of the companies there is the opportunity to be elected to any of the companies’ boards.

Become a part of our team

We are a company with a goal to grow rapidly, so we are constantly on the lookout for talented people to join our team. Are you a talented programmer, professional salesperson, structured project manager or a person who is passionate about customer care? Please feel free to submit your resume to us, even when we do not advertise, at

“Working at C4 is fun. It’s a growing company and we are many talented coworkers who lift each other. I like the challenges and the variety in my job where I am involved in the entire process, from requirement specification to deployment, working closely with our customers. I look forward to more great colleagues, especially here in the office in Gothenburg.

Magnus Eklund, C4 Contexture Gothenburg