C4 Contexture needs competent partners to successfully deliver effective solutions across a range of diverse industries and in different parts of the value chain.

Strategic Partners

Suppliers of system platforms (IBM) or industry partners for item master files for various industries (Logiq/News, Nobb).

Offer Partners

Need information logistics/PIM to provide their customers a comprehensive offer in areas like e-commerce or marketing; C4 Contexture adds expertise and components needed for a comprehensive solution. Expertise in Magento, Jeeves, Episerver.


Lybe helps Swedish companies, large and small, to become successful with e-commerce. They understand that an online shop should be profitable and they maintain a high level of service to their clients. Lybe offers expertise and experience with focus on the effect that can be achieved, not purely the technology. They follow a model of successful e-commerce developed over ten years of industry knowledge. C4 collaborates with Lybe as they are experts in e-commerce platform Magento, which we have chosen to focus on when it comes to e-commerce solutions integrated with C4 PIM. Read more about Lybe on