In mid-2004 C4 Contexture began as a product developed by UDK (Umeå Datakonsulter AB). A successful journey began with many successful projects linked to UDK’s strong position in Movex/M3 and the forestry, construction and furniture sectors.

In 2006 a branch office was established in Gothenburg.

In 2013 a decision was made to divide the enterprise into Consulting and Product arms to improve efficiency, capacity and quality of both the product and projects.

In 2014 a clearer organizational focus was adopted for C4 Contexture with the objective of maintaining stable quality but also of generating growth and increased profitability through a sharper focus and market orientation.

C4 Contexture AB was formed in 2015, and a chief executive officer was recruited and appointed. At the same time a Norwegian corporation, C4 Contexture AS, was created.

In 2016 a clear and joint business strategy was developed and implemented. This strategy makes better use of C4 Contexture’s expertise and its strong customer and industry relationships. The strategy aims at assuming leadership in information logistics by combining the company’s areas of expertise in products, services and industries/operations.